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Scrap Your Car

Doolin Dismantlers offers an unbeatable scrap your car service – we pay cash for your car and ensure it is handled responsibly. We are an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) and are fully compliant with all relevant standards and regulations. We issue customers with a Certificates of Destruction (C.O.D), in line with relevant legislation, which confirms that the vehicle is no longer the responsibility of the registered owner, thus negating road tax liability.

We are interested in vehicles that have reached their end of life and offer a free collection service within a 20-mile radius.


For a free quotation which will include collection if required send us an email or call us at

End Of Life Vehicles

An end-of-life vehicle refers to an intact passenger car or a light commercial van which the registered owner has decided to dispose of as waste.Due to the environmental threats involved with the disposal process, there are certain regulations which must be followed. At Doolin Dismantlers we ensure all components are handled and disposed of responsibly, such as lead acid batteries, fluids including lubricating oil, coolant, brake fluid, and catalytic convertors, etc. We take extra care to ensure all oils and fluids are stored in their own special tanks and containers.


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